How To Make A Dog Bandana

How To Make A Dog Bandana

How To Make A Dog Bandana. Mark ¼ th inch seams along all three edges of the triangle. Download and print the free dog bandana pattern pdf template (see below) prepare your fabric pattern and tools.

How To Make A Dog BandanaHow To Make A Dog Bandana
Make an Easy DIY Dog Bandana from

3 steps to sew dog bandana for beginners. Open up the folded square and draw a diagonal line connecting two corners. Flatten out your fabric and fold to create a large triangle.

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Print Desired Pattern Size (Find Sizes Above) And Cut Out The Pattern.

Fold over the unsewn edge to give it a smooth seem and sew it down. The width will be the same for all dogs at 6 inches. Sew a ¼” seam down the right side and up the left side leaving a 1” gap on both corners as a no sew zone.

Cut Around The Paper Template Before You Sew.

Secure bandana with elastic bands. Will fit on 8.5″ x 10″ letter size printer paper. Cut a long piece of material to fit around your dog’s neck.

4 Dog Bandana Size Template.

How to make a diy dog bandana. On one edge, mark the length of. Add 2″ to your dog's neck measurement for a small breed and 4″ for a large dog.

Once You Have A Perfect Triangle And The Measurement Is Right, Cut Along The Entire Fold Line.

Pin along the top of the bandana. Follow the diagrams below to cut out the bandana pattern pieces. Repeat with the second piece of fabric.

Place The Opened Sides Of The Straps At The Edges Of Each Side Of The Bandana.

It depends on the size of your dog. If your fabric has a wrong and right side, cut on the fold. Because this bandana attaches to the dog’s collar it’s safer for them and it won’t get lost.

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